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Eldest at the pool,  playing with cousins



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So with the market soaring like it has lately, I’ve been monitoring and watching the stock market a lot more.  I still have much to learn about valuation but I…


I just went through an FHA refinance earlier this year and I am about to wrap up another refinance. If you were regretting missing the rates from last November, well…



I have been on quite the buying spree lately, as my upcoming blog posts will detail. In my buying spree, I felt that I needed to replace some sorely outdated…


I ended up returning the snow boots that I highlighted. I never have good luck shopping for shoes online, so that should be the lesson for all. Unless you have…


My area is getting blasted with snow right now and it’s really the first major snowfall of the season. And every time it’s a major snowstorm – I always regret…

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