Avvo.com – Yelp for Lawyers?

Anyone else on here love Yelp?  I use it for a variety of things, of course restaurants but also services like dry cleaning, shoe repair, hair salons, even found my dermatologist there.  I was on the hunt for a lawyer to help me do some estate planning and there’s very little information out there.  But it looks like there’s a website called Avvo that has ratings and reviews of lawyers.  It seems extremely detailed with their resume and experience for all to see.  It’s not in my area yet – not sure if it has anything to do with the group of lawyers that want to prohibit this information from being shared.

Edit (Aug 14, 2009 @4:21PM):  Using Google, I found one of the lawyers on my list on Avvo, even though I couldn’t find them directly through the Avvo site.  You could also use Google’s advanced search techniques to search for your lawyer’s name on Avvo.  Your query should be something like “ site:avvo.com”.  That just tells Google to search through Avvo only for your search string.


  1. Josh King said:

    Thanks for writing about your experience with Avvo. If a lawyer has a profile on Avvo but no address, practice area – or is located in a state (like Virginia) that we don’t cover yet – you’ll be able to find them on Avvo if you search by name but not if you search by practice area or geography.

    If you end up hiring a lawyer with a profile on Avvo, please consider leaving a client review. Thanks,

    Josh from Avvo

    August 14, 2009
  2. MadRover said:

    Josh –

    I will post a review. I intend to work with this lawyer and am glad to post a review when I’m finished with the process.

    August 18, 2009

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