Getting Cash Back for Internet Purchases

Whenever I buy things on the internet, I always check if I can get cash back from various websites that give rebates back on purchases if you click through their site.  Here are a few that you want to look at.


Bing is Microsoft’s search engine site which also has an associated cashback site.  The payout can be frequently very quick and this is the site I go to when I want to make an ebay purchase.  I usually search on ebay for something I want to buy.  Then I close my browser just to make sure I clear any cache, re-open the browser, go to and search for the item (I recently searched for “avon skin so soft”.  Ebay will show up in the sponsored sites.  Click on that link and it will launch you into Ebay.  The item needs to be a Buy-It-Now item and you also need to use Paypal in order to be eligible for the cashback.  Bing frequently has large cash back deals for other websites so it pays to always check here when ordering.  I know for a fact that it has good deals on ebay or so I’ll go here first for those places.  Others, I will check the sites listed below.

Fatwallet CashBack

FatWallet was originally a forums site for people to post various types of deals – deals on items such as electronics or apparel or other random items of interest.  In fact, many of the deals I’ll post on here originate from there.  There are just so many so I post the ones I find the most interesting.  But they also include cash back features and I’ll go to them first when looking for a particular site, except for ebay.  It also benefits you to compare against sites like ebates but they are generally competitive.  I’ve used them to book Starwood hotel stays – 3% cash back is pretty good, especially when you aren’t even expecting it for something like booking a hotel stay.


Ebates is the original cash-back site I am used to using.  It was the first to really pioneer this space and has a lot of vendors within its website.   But lately I’ll default to Fatwallet cash back first since I find their percentages are usually better.  But Ebates sometimes has sites that Fatwallet does not.

Others to think about

Also don’t forget to consider your rewards programs for credit cards.  I know they aren’t typically the best but I recently used the ThankYou shopping network to get Thank You points for a purchase at Williams-Sonoma.  There was no cash back available on any of the sites that I could find so I just opted for the 2 TY points per dollar that I was offered on the Thank You network.

I know this seems like an awful lot of work but for relatively little work, you can get some decent cash back over the long run.

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