Fighting Black Flies and Mosquitoes with Avon Skin So Soft

My house was built on former swamp land so when the hot, or even mildly warm, summer rolls around – the bugs come out in full force.  In prior years, it’s been mosquitoes so I’ve tried to stay ahead of them by placing mosquito tablets in the areas that get a lot of sitting water.  That seems to have worked this year although I still get bit at least once when I go out (actually better than the multiple times I used to get bit every time last year!)  But this year has been terrible for black flies or gnats or whatever you want to call them.  They are not biters but just fly around your head constantly, making it impossible for me to play with my kids outside.  Even my poor son ends up smacking his face all the time because of the flies going into his eyes and ears.

We’ve purchased all these bug sprays, DEET, non-DEET, spray, aerosol, etc. and while some do the job, there’s something wrong with all of them.  For instance, the Jason Quit Bugging Me Spray we bought is supposed to be kid friendly, but it just doesn’t work.  It also tastes terrible – I know, I know, you’re not supposed to eat it but inevitably you might be outside at a picnic or bbq, then get a taste of it on your hands.  The Off! Deep Woods Spray DEET doesn’t seem to work against the gnats.  I also found Thermacell to be highly reviewed and while it may have worked for mosquitoes, also no go on gnats. I still have high hopes for Thermacell against mosquitoes – I haven’t had an adequate test yet though.

So I’ve read on various sites and reviews that Avon Skin So Soft actually works to keep black flies and mosquitoes away.  Some people have even gone so far as to spray it on their lawn or decks so they can be outside and not be attacked by bugs and flies.  Horse owners even use a recipe of Skin So Soft and other ingredients to keep flies away from their horses.  So I’m giving it a shot.  In my previous email, I mentioned that I searched for it through Bing and purchased it through eBay.  It should arrive in the mail soon and I’m eager to test.  If it works, I’m going to spray it all around when I know I want to spend extended time out on my lawn.  I hope it works.

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  1. Joe said:

    The question is, did it work??!!

    November 17, 2010

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