XM Radio for $77/year

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Back on topic – I have an XM Radio stereo system in one of my cars. I had liked the trial and basic ease of use at getting good music, commercial free. XM is a great service that introduced new music too, not just the same repeat music you hear on the radio. But XM is expensive, in my opinion – definitely so in comparison to free radio. But for a few years now, people have been getting XM Radio for $77 per year – basically you just need to call and threaten to cancel. They typically offer it to you, if not, just hang up and try again. Or follow through on your threat to cancel. For me, it’s a nice to have, but if they can’t do $77/year, then I just won’t even bother and will cancel in a heartbeat. So if you are paying more than this for XM Radio, stop it now and call to cancel.

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  1. […] wrote a year ago about getting XM Radio for $77 per year just by calling the cancellation hotline and asking for the deal. It’s a 50% off retention […]

    November 17, 2010

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