Downright shameful

I always end up taking these pro-longed and unintentional hiatuses from blogging.  But during my hiatus, people mentioned that they found the information useful here.  So instead of the usual apologies, I’ll just start updating again.  And hope to keep it current.  They might not be massive gems – but that’s not really the point here.  It’s just to give you an idea of what I’ve been roving and finding on the net or in life in general.

Today’s Rovings:

Green Screen use on TV Seriously cool video showing those “location” shoots are really green screen.  We always figured as much but still, seeing it is pretty wild.

HBO Go (HBO Streaming) – clearly I’m loving the Gizmodo articles.  But HBO Go goes live for Verizon FIOS customers tomorrow.  And it’s available for HBO subcribers.  So you thought all that OnDemand content was great – just wait for all the robust content that will be available online.  Might be time to start actually paying for HBO instead of signing up for the occasional 3-month free promotions.

Avatar = PocahontasYes, I’m sure this is old by now, but I was one of the last to finally see Avatar recently, and while I thought more Dances with Wolves, this comparison is pretty spot on.

Other random rovings lately:

  • Got my Droid and I’m loving it.  Tricked it out pretty decently and I spend a lot of time on it.  I imagine it’s very much like what iPhone users did and do every day.  But Android is still pretty badass and navigation alone has saved me many times.
  • I finally got around to getting our wills and recovable trusts completed.  I feel pretty good about it – protecting the interests of the future generation.  That process is probably worth a posting sometime soon.  But if you have kids, don’t wait for me – go out and talk to a lawyer about getting a will and trust done.  Protect those assets.
  • My skin has been pretty bad lately.  Plus the baby’s skin is so bad all over.  She’s always scratching her legs or her stomach.  I blame the cold and dry air.  So I’ve been going crazy trying to find any solution to remedy the situation.  I was using some humidifiers for awhile and that was helping mildly.  I bought a hygrometer to test the humidity in the air.  But I think I stumbled on another factor – hard water.  I have a feeling that our water is incredibly hard – especially after seeing the humidifiers scale up after a few days of use.  So I’ve bought a few things to help with showers and general bath water to see if that will help.  So far, I think that’s been the biggest culprit.  Been showering with the filter and it seems to (maybe just psychologically) help.   This is a good topic and deserves it’s own post.  Plus, I’ll link to the products and you can buy them and get me some amazon referral money. 🙂

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