Selling my car

We’re in the process of buying a minivan now – weehoo! – and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and sell my car myself. I’m pretty much following Edmunds’ steps on how to sell a car and it’s pretty comprehensive. There are a few missing pieces like what specific paperwork my state needs but I’m polling a friend for that so hopefully should have feedback to post here soon. The reason why I’m selling it myself is because I went to Carmax and I feel like they gave me a low quote comparable to what I can get myself. So the question is, how much is it worth to me to sell it myself? $500? $1000? I’m pretty sure if I can make 500 bucks, the effort is worth it. Maybe. I’ll update more with my experience and specifics later.

For now, I’m starting down the path and will most likely bring my car in to get detailed – which will run about $175 bucks, inside and out. Hopefully it will get a bunch of dings and scratches out but we’ll see. Also, I was going to file for a Carfax report. And then I found this gem at Fatwallet Forums, where people will run them for free or much cheaper than the Carfax asking price. Not sure how long this forum will stick around but for now, it’s a great deal for me if I get the Carfax!

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