Even BETTER XM deal

I wrote a year ago about getting XM Radio for $77 per year just by calling the cancellation hotline and asking for the deal. It’s a 50% off retention deal to keep you subscribing to XM Radio. This week, XM expired on one of my other cars and I read about a $19.99 deal for 5 months promotion that people have been successful at getting. I simply called the customer service line, and said I had “heard about the deal from a friend” and was wondering if I could get it myself. She quickly agreed and signed me up for the deal. It still includes a music royalty fee along with some taxes but it works out to a much better deal than the $77/year deal. Just over $4 a month vs the $6+ I pay for the year subscription. The downside is I have to remember to either cancel or ask for the deal in 5 months again but it’s worth it to get the discount but keep XM going. The kids love channel 116.

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