LastPass – Paying for a Free Service?!

I just paid for a free service.

LastPass is an online password manager that allows you to manage your password vault online but also provides plug-ins to just about every browser you can think of and offers the ability to access your password vault on a mobile device for a premium charge of $1 a month. But even without access to my passwords on my mobile device, there is so much ability and functionality of just the browser plugins alone that I have found it invaluable. So you may ask… if you are using the free portions of LastPass and have no need really for the premium features, why are you even paying? Those that know me would definitely be asking that question.

Well, it’s one of those things where I was getting it for free, but I am just so impressed by the service and how invaluable it has been to me that I preemptively said, I should support these guys and this product before it goes the way of XMarks (Edit: Actually, LastPass went ahead and bought XMarks.  My extra money helped, no doubt). I use LastPass as described – to maintain my all my passwords in a single location and I only have to remember one vault password. Single point of failure – probably yes – but how many of you are using the same password anyways…

Lastpass also doubles as a bookmark manager for my important stuff. So while I manage bookmarks in my browser – often times important, daily bookmarks get lost between random other links I have bookmarked like How to Make Korean Fried Chicken and assorted Lifehacker URLs. Credit to Lifehacker to turning me on to LastPass in the first place, though.

So that’s it – $12/year for a service that I use on all my computers (and use daily) to access all my important sites and save me time from having to dig through bookmarks and find account info that many of you continue to maintain in some notepad text file somewhere on your hard drive… I urge you to use it for free and when you realize how great it is – you might also have that crazy moment in your life where you actually splurge and pay for a free service.

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