30% off Diapers at Amazon

I’m on an online ordering kick. And I’m not sure why I didn’t do this before. But Amazon is offering 30% off on select diapers and wipes. The gist of it is that it’s 15% off for being an Amazon Mom (re: ordering a baby product) and 15% off for starting a Subscribe & Save subscription on the product. Now the great thing about S&S is that you can cancel the “subscription” at any time and there’s no obligation. So it works out to a free 15% off. The other benefit is that if you registered for Free Amazon Prime with Amazon Mom, you get a free month for every order over $25 bucks – which is basically a box of diapers for me.

One final consideration: Parents or Parenting Magazine often have a 20% coupon for diapers at Amazon so that will save you even more! There are a lot of coupons for sale on ebay so if you feel like saving more, you can go buy that.


  • If you want, go to ebay and buy a 20% off coupon – search “Amazon diaper coupon”
  • Go to Amazon and get your 30% off Diapers

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