Snow Gear

My area is getting blasted with snow right now and it’s really the first major snowfall of the season. And every time it’s a major snowstorm – I always regret not having a few things. I never have good snow boots so when I’m trudging around in 6-12 inches of snow, I’ve got all snow gear on, and then my sneakers, which get soaked.

Also, my kids really don’t have a very good sleds. We have last-minute, leftover wafer looking things from Target that are terrible and don’t really do much. So we end up borrowing our neighbors sleds to go down our hills. Finally, my kids are getting old enough now where they want to do what Daddy is doing – so I wanted to get them kid snow shovels so they could help me out when I’m shoveling. And by help, I mean, just drag the shovel around and make more of a mess. But whatever makes them happy.

So the shoes, I’ve attempted to purchase before.Never found a good pair and just delayed on purchasing them this year because we haven’t had a huge snowstorm. Well now I totally regret it, so I went ahead tonight and just purchased the shoes below .  Yeah, after I get them, I most likely won’t need them for the rest of this season, but I’m so irritated with myself that I’m just going to get them now and NEXT TIME, I’m ready!

Salomon Snowtrip

Speaking of irritated, I saw kid snow shovels and great sleds at Bed Bath and Beyond awhile back.  But as we all know, BBB always has 20% off coupons, so I decided to hold off.  Well, never got enough coupons, forgot to go back – and lo and behold, today, they had nothing.  No kid shovels, crappy sleds.  So, think I’m going to go on Amazon right now and buy those things.  I’m not sure yet, but here are a few that I’m thinking of.

So moral of the story – just buy it.  Preferably using my Amazon links.  Enjoy the snow if you have some and be safe!

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