Buying clothes on Ebay

I have been on quite the buying spree lately, as my upcoming blog posts will detail. In my buying spree, I felt that I needed to replace some sorely outdated and/or old clothes. So all but one pair of my jeans are ripped at the knees. Apparently, since I’ve had kids, I play a lot more on the ground and rough up my jeans pretty quickly. So I felt the need to replace my jeans with some complete jeans, without holes…

Now I normally have a very difficult time with jeans to begin with, even when trying them on in a store. So I decided I should just try to find the ones I have, and buy the exact same pair. Well, after searching on Google, I came upon those jeans on Ebay! It really never occurred to me to buy clothes on a site like Ebay, but why not? I guess there’s the possibility that they might be ripoffs but I would hope that the feedback system would indicate something to that effect and I could just stay away from the shady buyers.

So I just this week purchased a pair of jeans and they are on their way to me. No tax, free shipping, and no need to drive out to the store. Hopefully it’s the same as the pair of jeans I have now because I do love them and if I wear them out just as quickly, I know where to get them again.

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