Alternate Routes on the Drive between DC and New York (Redux)

I pointed out 2 alternate driving routes on the way from DC to New York and vice versa. Hallelujah, one of them is no longer needed!

The EZ Pass lanes at the border of Delaware are now open and it’s a vast improvement over what used to be there, both pre-construction and during construction.  Along with the speed that you can blast through (within the legal limit of course), there’s another improvement in all this construction.  Delaware has a new rest stop and it’s beautiful!  Bizarre that I even typed that about a rest stop…  I wish I had taken pictures while I was there but it’s basically a comfortable airport lounge with a great design.  Food court is designed well, it’s clean, it’s bright, it’s spacious.  I love it so much I stopped on the way up and on the way back from a recent trip to Philly – that I did in one day.  Another bonus is the gas prices are not that far from what you would see in New Jersey so definitely worth the stop.

With good news, comes bad news.  New Jersey Turnpike traffic North continues to be horrible.  We’ve used an alternate route a few times to get around that too.  The backup happens around construction on 7A so if you notice traffic getting heavy before Exit 7 on the NJT Northbound, try this.

Take Exit 7 and keep right at the fork to get onto to US-206N.  In about 2 miles, merge right onto US-130.  Follow that for 5 miles until you hit I-195 East. (Optionally, there’s a great shopping plaza called Hamilton Marketplace that’s also a good rest stop alternative.)  Follow I-195 East for about 1.5 miles and you will see signs to get back on NJ Turnpike.

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This route avoids about 9 miles of traffic but you will most likely be sitting in traffic again once you get on.  Hope it helps a little bit though.  Bonus tip: ALWAYS take the “Cars/Trucks/Buses” split on the NJ Turnpike.  ALWAYS.  When in doubt, ALWAYS!

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