Refinance Now!

I just went through an FHA refinance earlier this year and I am about to wrap up another refinance. If you were regretting missing the rates from last November, well they are just as low if not lower now and now is the time to refinance again! Do your best to find a lender that will do it at no-cost so it truly will be just paper work to save you money. I know some of you may be afraid of debt and want to pay your mortgage off early – but this is basically free money. If you are struggling to make payments, this will ease the burden. If you have a decent amount of equity in your house, pull some out! You are sitting on an ATM basically. At least put it to better use, like that 2nd home/investment property you’ve always dreamed about.

So just my opinion here but I like my opinion. I’m open to debate on this so comment away.

5 Year Chart of 30 Year Fixed Mortgage (source:

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