(Another) Free Year Membership to Shoprunner

Shoprunner is at it again – giving free memberships away in the name of… what?  I honestly don’t know how they make their money but plenty of friends and family have used it, and I myself have used it since they gave away this past years’ membership for free.  So without any other delay – here are the details.

1.  Go Here: https://www.shoprunner.com/free-shipping/amexplatinum/

2.  Use code: RUNNER

Existing members:

1. Go cancel your existing membership

They make it really easy online.  Just select: “Cancel my membership. I will no longer have access to benefits and will not receive a refund from ShopRunner”  You can ignore any email confirmation and just move on to the next step.

2.  Go back up to the 1st two steps and register again, with your same email address.  Registration will go through and all your old history will still be there.  But your membership is extended!

Bonus – Extend for another 3 months by joining Shopcentral

1.  Join ShopRunner Central with a gmail or yahoo account.  This basically gives them access to search for orders/receipts.  This alone will extend the membership.

2.  Then go in and revoke access from within Gmail or Yahoo.

For Google – Go here to Google Security settings – scroll down to Connected applications and sites and click Manage Access – remove Shoprunner Access

For Yahoo – Go here and Remove Shoprunner

3.  Cancel Shoprunner Central here


Sourced from Slickdeals


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